I take this pledge to get Durham Back on the Bull: for my parents for my grandparents for my kids for my kids' teachers for my family for my coworkers for the healthcare heroes

Together, we can get Back on the Bull. Back to the things we enjoy doing in person in the place we call home: catching up with friends, dining out, singing hymns during worship, meeting with colleagues over coffee, attending a live performance, cheering on our favorite team, and pursuing ways to make Durham better.

But getting Back on the Bull will take each of us doing our part.

Join us today by taking our simple pledge to:

Get vaccinated when it’s my turn.

All roads to recovery lead through getting the vaccine. It is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.  It is safe, free, and effective. Over 60 million vaccines have already been given in the United States, and over 70,000 people participated in months of clinical trials. Find your vaccine group or learn more about how to get the shot in Durham.

Continue to wear masks.

We are all tired of wearing masks. But it is a proven action you can take to help prevent the spread of the virus in our community. The virus is becoming more contagious, and it is important that we continue to mask up to protect one another. Even when you get vaccinated, you still need to wear masks until doctors say it is safe to stop this public health measure. Find locally produced face masks or get free masks on any Go Durham bus.

Support local businesses.

All of Durham's small businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19. These places help make Durham, well, Durham – and employ many of our neighbors. As much as you're able, find ways each week to support locally owned shops and restaurants while staying safe. If we don't support our local businesses now, many won't survive. These businesses are committed to your health and safety, having completed a checklist vetted by doctors. Order takeout, or shop online for curbside delivery. Book private sessions at retail stores. Buy gift cards from your favorite places. As business owners hold on month-to-month, your support means more than ever.

By taking the pledge and sharing it with others, you can help us build broad awareness of, support for, and confidence in the basic steps we each can take to speed up Durham’s recovery and renewal from COVID-19.

Let’s Get Back on the Bull!

Join these local community leaders who have taken the Pledge.

Rev. Donna Banks
McMannen United Methodist Church
Tre Tapp
The Chicken Hut
Mayor Steve Schewel
City of Durham
E'Vonne Coleman
Durham's Cultural Advisory Board
President Vincent Price
Duke University
Bishop Clarence Laney, Jr.
Monument of Faith Church
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Share that you've taken the pledge

The first step you can take is to let others know… and you might just save a life by helping someone else get vaccinated.